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Citizenship by Entrepreneurship Series Part II: How to Get an EntrePass in Singapore This series will answer: where can I get residency and citizenship from my business?  If you are looking for a place to start a business and receive residency or citizenship, you can also check out New Zealand, which was part 1 of this series, Thailand[BOI… [Read more]


Passport Updates

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Visa Updates We live in a world where very little is constant. With the changes in technology, slow moving governments are struggling to keep up. And the bigger the government, typically the slower and more inefficiently they work. Take the US for example, whose immigration policy is decades behind the rest of the world. HB1… [Read more]

Flag Theory

Flag Theory is a strategic internationalization process designed to increase your freedom privacy and wealth through planting flags in different countries. Each flag represents a specific element of your personal finances or business which is designed to. [Learn more about Flag Theory]

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