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Dan Faggella, Ecommerce Entrepreneur, BJJ Blackbelt, and Investor in EmTechnology., Science of Skill, TechEmergence.com

If you are running an online business or eCommerce business you need to pay attention to banking and merchant accounts and FlagTheory. I cannot express the importance of having merchant accounts and offshore merchant accounts.

Chris Kirkland, Founder and HoboCeo, ArtWeb.com and TokyoCheapo.com

Flag Theory has incredibly valuable information and strategy about business, particularly the legal and financial aspects. And Edmund is a damn good chap.

Dan Andrews - Serial Entrepreneur, Gifted Writer and Musician, Tribe Builder., http://TropicalMba.com

I’ve learned a ton about offshore businesses and seen Edmund pull off some pretty cool set-ups.

John McYintire - Freelance Email Copywriter, Drinks raw eggs for breakfast, TheMcMethod

[H]elped me to navigate the confusing world of internationalization optimizing my business and personal finances. As an online freelancer and entrepreneur, this was invaluable.

What are the products and services we provide?

  • Premium Information to "Do-It-Yourself"

    In our addition to our free information you can join our PT society – which is available for instant download 24/7. This is the quickest way to get answers, by downloading our collective knowledge on Offshore issues, you can get instant help to “Do-It-Yourself”

  • Custom Consulting and "Done For You" Service

    If you require boutique and instant advice specific for your situation, we have a “Done-For-You” service where our team of offshore experts specifically design a solution for you.

  • Set Up an Offshore Company and Bank Account

    If you know what you need – you can set up a company at Incorporations.IO

  • Find a new Residency or explore Alternative Citizenship

    Compare different options online for for citizenship and residency at Passports.IO

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Flag Theory Internationalization Crash Course

Take a 7 day crash course and get up to speed on the offshore world. You'll also receive a FREE report: Politicians - how large companies and people you know use 2nd passports and offshore companies.