Offshore Banking Options Explored

in Offshore, USA

Depending on your individual citizenship and passport situation, you might have a much greater or lesser option for offshore banking. Countries and individuals facing sanctions might have difficulty opening up an account in certain jurisdictions. However, there are plenty of benefits to offshore banking for most nationalities. Here is a list: List of the Best… [Read more]


Merchant Accounts

in Belize, Nevis, Offshore

This post is a continuation of the previous, where to incorporate as a Digital nomad, where we continue to explore options for internet entrepreneurs to successfully structure their business. In that article, we talked about the importance of having a legal entity, but didn't touch on bank accounts (coming next) or merchant accounts. In this article I will… [Read more]

Flag Theory

Flag Theory is a strategic internationalization process designed to increase your freedom privacy and wealth through planting flags in different countries. Each flag represents a specific element of your personal finances or business which is designed to. [Learn more about Flag Theory]

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