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China Incorporation

in China

One of the questions I've been asked frequently over the past few months is the issue of incorporation for entrepreneurs doing business with or in China. Your ties to China boil down to a couple different options depending on the nature of your unique business. Essentially, Chinese expat entrepreneurs have a few options when it… [Read more]



in Japan

Sushi, The Yen, Salarymen, Usemu, Matcha Latte, Sayounara, Scramble Crossing, Shibuya, Roppinga, Tokyo, Japan. こんにちは Konnichiwa from Tokyo where I’m here for business and pleasure on this fall weekend in Japan. In the impossibly large capital city, one is instantly taken aback not by the size, but how clean and safe one feels. In November,… [Read more]

Flag Theory

Flag Theory is a 50+ year old system that gets you more Freedom, Privacy and Wealth. Click here to learn more... about what each flag represents for your personal and business finances. [Learn more about Flag Theory]