2 Bold Predictions on The New Economy

During a call with a client the other day, I remarked at how exceptional his timing has been over the past 2 decades. He had over a million dollars in profit in stocks in 1999 when he walked into his brokers office and told him to sell everything. The young shocked broker attempted to tell… [Read More]

How to Gain Citizenship in New Zealand

Today’s post will focus on the same issue of citizenship as our previous article on gaining citizenship in Canada, choosing to explore the route to achieving a second citizenship in New Zealand. REMEMBER! The most important flag in Flag Theory is the first one, which calls for a second citizenship in order to facilitate international… [Read More]

I’m going to need to see your ID for that…

You need an ID to buy alcohol, rent an apartment or be admitted to a hospital in the US. You need it to get on a plane, or to obtain a marriage license. You’ll need it to set up a bank account or a company. Fair enough. But in Illinois, you also need it to… [Read More]