The Red Sox, the Pru, beantown, snow, Allston, Back Bay, Faniel Hall, Harvard, the birthplace of the American revolution, burgers, venture capital, Charles river, love that dirty water, Boston, Massachusetts. I’m in America, writing this vignette from the Boston public library, and if I look up there are students studying, tourists relaxing, it’s easy to… [Read More]

Offshore Banking Options Explored

Depending on your individual citizenship and passport situation, you might have a much greater or lesser option for offshore banking. Countries and individuals facing sanctions might have difficulty opening up an account in certain jurisdictions. However, there are plenty of benefits to offshore banking for most nationalities. Here is a list: List of the Best… [Read More]

Passport Updates

Visa Updates We live in a world where very little is constant. With the changes in technology, slow moving governments are struggling to keep up. And the bigger the government, typically the slower and more inefficiently they work. Take the US for example, whose immigration policy is decades behind the rest of the world. HB1… [Read More]