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    We have books and guides specifically for E-Commerce and online businesses. We explain how to structure your life and your business to get maximum results to the bottom line.

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    Travel completely outside the control of any government or tax system – the 50+ year old system of Flag Theory is your ticket to freedom.

Hundreds of Entrepreneurs have used our services and products for advice, company formation, bank accounts, immigration assistance and general advice.

Mr. Kirkland, TokyoCheapo.com

Edmund knows an incredible amount about business, particularly the legal and financial aspects. I've used Flag Theory and offshore companies successfully using his advice.

Dan Andrews, TropicalMBA

I’ve learned a ton about offshore businesses and seen Edmund pull off some pretty cool set-ups.

Dan Faggella, Science Of Skill

Invaluable for anyone running an online business or eCommerce business. I had no idea how important merchant accounts and offshore merchant accounts were, until it was a problem.

John McIntyre “The Autoresponder Guy” , McMethod

The PT Society membership is a quality product, it helped me quickly determine where I need to incorporate, how much it costs - and how much it will SAVE me. This product could easily sell for 10x more.

Here's What You Get

  • Access to to the Flag Theory Book 2015 (an overview of each flag, as well as in depth information on how it applies to you, consolidated into most important topics).
  • Complimentary lifetime subscription to The Country Reports – deep dive into applications of Flag Theory in Specific Jurisdictions
  • Bonus guides with our most powerful asset-protection research to-date – covering subjects for real estate investors, internet entreprenuers, and professionals (self employed).
  • Access to infographics, videos and presentations of the Flag Theory system of internationalization
  • And a private password that gives you 24/7 access to the Pt Society Website
2nd Passport +

Details on how to get a 2nd passport or alternative citizenship. Actual notes on the process and full disclosure of all relevant fees. You'll be able to immediately determine your options and course of action for obtaining a valuable 2nd passport. You'll also enjoy the immediate benefits of your new travel document including:

  • Visa Free Travel - You'll be able to travel visa free to new countries.
  • Tax Advantages / Flag Theory - Ability to renounce your current citizenship
  • Better Life for your Children/Family - This is more important than just you.
  • More Optionality - Have options to start business, open bank account etc.  - this is your life, you deserve to have options.
  • Freedom - A passport represents your freedom of movement. is there anything more important?
  • Ultimate Insurance Policy - A second passport is the ultimate insurance policy. It is you finally standing up to big governments and protecting your freedom in worse case scenario.
Low Tax Residency +

The next thing you need to do is establish a tax home in a “low-tax” jurisdiction. The problem is, where you are from can have dramatic impact on the tax laws. For example, Americans face very different laws are very different than Australians.

We cover many high-tax jurisdictions in-depth and deep dive into specific countries with real world examples.

  • Where the Billionaires hideout with 0% income tax
  • Where you can earn $95,000 per year – tax free!
  • How to structure your life to spend the proper amount of days in/out of the country
  • Where are the quickest places to obtain residency (useful if you are in a bind and need a quick solution)
  • Where is the best place to go if you just exited a company, and want to start another
  • Where you can get venture capital as a newly oriented resident
  • Where are the best places in the world to hide out if SHTF
  • Where are the tax free countries that have absolutely no income, capital gains or dividends tax
  • What if I’m from a “high tax country?” i.e Australia, the USA, the UK? How does residency affect my status?
  • Specific examples, interviews with accountants and detailed infographics to give you confidence!
Offshore Company +
Flag 3: Offshore Company with 0% Corporate Tax

If you are thinking of setting up an offshore company -read this book first. It could save you thousands in lawyer fee’s and headaches – and help you get the actionable knowledge you need to confidently set up an offshore company in:

  • Hong Kong – Many internet entrepreneurs set up here – but is it right for your business?
  • Singapore – Singapore has some of the best banking on the planet – here is how much you should be paying.
  • Belize – Belize has great banking and merchant accounts, but what should you be making in profit to set up there?
  • BVI – British Virgin Island companies are extremely flexible, but they are only right for these types of businesses.
  • Nevis – Nevis is a newcomer that might be the perfect place for you to set up an LLC
  • Vietnam – Want to reach a fast growing emerging market? Here is how to set up a company in HCMC.
  • Thailand – There is a ton of misinformation on the net. Here is how you can own a Thai company 100% as a foreigner.
  • USA – The United States is one of the best places in the world to incorporate – learn this one state that has no income tax.
  • And many more…

Learn how multinational companies such as Google and Facebook utilize corporate structuring and offshore companies to protect their wealth from governments – and how you can do the same.

The laws and regulations about offshore companies are confusing, but after you read this book you should have an adequate knowledge and understanding of the best offshore jurisdictions and your options.

This book could save you thousands in accounting and secretarial fee’s, or even save you millions in the event of a frivolous lawsuit.

  • Own an offshore corporation (and ensure you do it legally)
  • Set up a company in jurisdictions with 0% corporate income tax
  • What things to watch out for and how to remain legal and in compliance
  • What price to pay (this alone could save you thousands)
  • What is the best offshore jurisdiction for internet websites and businesses
  • Best Country to have a closely held company (100% control and ownership – in a 0% tax jurisdiction)
  • which countries have an offshore company that allows you to accept paypal – and which don’t
  • who should you deal with, and what you should you look for when setting up a company
  • Where is the best place to set up a “virtual company or “paper company” in a 0% tax jurisdiction?
  • Where is the best place to set up a physical office and operations in a 0% tax jurisdiction?
  • Why a foreign Limited Liability Company is so powerful – and where the best place is to get one
  • How you can get a fully set up offshore company under $500… (and save thousands in legal fee’s)
Offshore Banking +

Complete list of over 150 offshore banks and contact details to get in touch with them. Specific information such as location, merchant account details and accepted lined of business also shared.

We give details for multiple different banks in the following jurisdictions:

Antigua and Barbuda
Cayman Islands
Cook Islands
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Turks and Caicos
Physical Assets and Investments +

You can become “bullet-proof” – impervious to the threats and actions of enemies and those who want to take what is rightfully yours…

Once you read this book, you’ll be able to set up a structure that NO CREDITOR can reach – it doesn’t matter if you are sued, taken to court, and “lose everything” your savings will still be safe if you get proper guidance and use methods and structures as an example.

We go into the most powerful asset protection techniques with both big picture simplicity, and excruciating detail with case studies, examples and real life cases of how it works (and what you need to avoid)

  • Access to my black book of the best lawyers, accountants and trustees
  • The best and very most protective jurisdictions and structures
  • High level asset protection that provides the ultimate protection
  • Terminology explained so you’ll know what you are talking about

You’ll have the definitive answers to these questions and more:

  • How can I get Bank account in a foreign country? (without leaving the comfort of your living room)
  • When should I go international, and what are the best places to protect and grow my wealth?
  • What if I want to pass this wealth on to my children?
  • What if I want a “spendthrift” clause so my heirs don’t waste the money
  • What are the core and more important features of a trust? Of an APT?
  • What’s the difference between a Cayman star trust and a BVI vista trust? Why use either?
  • Do I have to use trustees? How can I maintain control of my assets while keeping them protected?
  • Why does real estate cost more when held in a trust compared to stocks/equities/bonds?
  • How to can I safely move and store physical gold overseas ?
  • Where are the rich putting their money to make 30% returns?
  • How can I use carry trades to take advantage of low interest rates and bitcoin arbitrage?
Digital Security and Digital Assets +

Snowden has given us invaluable information regarding the activities of how your information is stored forever and analyzed – that is unless you use the tactics in this book.

When you’re done reading, you’ll be able to immediately:

  • Start a new identity from scratch (digitally)
  • Run an internet based business that is untouchable by any government
  • Completely avoid being spied upon by NSA, CIA, FBI and other alphabet agencies
  • Have secret, encrypted conversations, double encrypted conversations
  • Download an app that sends self destructing messages
  • Step by step instructions for how to set up a ‘safe’ computer environment
  • Access the secret and underlying “deep-web” of the internet
  • Download hundreds of free tools that can help you reclaim your privacy
  • How to buy and sell anything with true anonymity
Asset Protection +

Bonus guides with specific breakdowns for the following:

  • Internet Entrepreneur – Learn the special tactics you can use to protect your business
  • Doctor – Why malpractice insurance isn’t nearly enough whether you are a generalist or specialist
  • Dentist – this profession has particular need to protection
  • Accountant – accountants, particularly those dealing with tax need to consider this
  • Lawyer – lawyers are by no mean safe! There is huge potential for liability
  • Real Estate Investors – if you own real estate (beyond your primary resident) its absolutely necessary you read this
  • Stock market Investors – If you invest in equities learn how your shares could be taken
  • And many more! If your career, job or business isn’t listed, don’t worry – you can still learn lessons from these guides.

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Because we care so much about these issues, we want to give you a secure way to communicate with us - and anyone else who you need to have private communications. That means that you'll have unlimited and unrestricted access to a secure PGP email account, encrypted chat, voice and video communications. This is high level security that makes skype look like a joke - and we're giving you this as a bonus - at no extra cost.

Digital security is ultra important and because it's hard to individually sign up for all these services we've bundled them together into one platform. You'll have access as long as you stay a member - at no extra fee. We've partnered with the best technology providers in the field to give our society members a dedicated email, chat, voice and video communications platform - AND a community that can interact on this platform in private.

  • PGP encrypted email account

    Free – as an added bonus, you’ll receive an email account to easily and securely send emails to anyone from Society.IS domain. Unlike other email services. our emails will be automatically secured.

  • Encrypted Conference calls

    Encrypted voice calls that support up to 10 people on a secure line at one time.

  • Private Chat and messaging to Anyone

    Your current chat application is not secure! Now you can engage in text chat with anyone – bankers, lawyers, accountants, mistress – with complete impunity.

  • video chat interface with unlimited personal use

    Forget skype! Stop sending your sensitive communications directly to a government database. You’ll now have the tools to securely communicate with anyone, anytime.

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You’ll go so far down the rabbit hole into the offshore world, that you’ll emerge on the other side better equipped to handle any legal, financial problem that life throws at you. This isn’t a “done for you service” – this is information that can empower you to take action with your own knowledge and expertise. This could potentially save you $10,000… $50,000 or even more. This is meant for entrepreneurs, self-employed, developers, travel hackers, digital nomads and anyone who wants to learn how to utilize offshore companies, banking and travel to build wealth using an international strategy.

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