Nevis LLC Formation

The Nevis jurisdiction is a “No-Tax” offshore domicile operated by the small Caribbean island of Nevis within the country of St Kitts and Nevis.  If you set up in Nevis, one of the only restrictions issued by the St Kitts government is the inability to do business with persons of Nevis. This is quite common… [Read More]

This Gold Mining Stock is an Easy Win

Investment Saturday rolls around again, and as it does – we see a dramatic move from the Fed to initiate QE3. I’ve long since held the position that the Fed will continue with their money printing policies of QE Infinity – as there really is no alternative. In an economic system that punishes savings and … [Read More]

The Real Story About Americans Going Offshore

Reader Question today… An Internet Entrepreneur from the US is concerned about getting sued and wants an incorporation that protects against lawsuit liability, aka asset protection. I am interested in asset protection I am also just starting out my business and want to do asset protection and plan for tax liability before it becomes an… [Read More]