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Honest and Unbiased
Structuring Expertise
with a Fully Global Approach

Flag Theory helps business owners, investors, location independent entrepreneurs, cross-border SMEs and large multinational corporations structure their businesses and finances internationally by providing international structuring consulting, company incorporation, banking and immigration by investment solutions in a variety of jurisdictions.

We provide honest and unbiased internationalization intelligence tailored to your business and personal circumstances and your specific industry, covering almost every jurisdiction in the world.

By understanding your needs, concerns and priorities and leveraging our international structuring expertise and our global network of partners – we empower you to seamlessly run your business, legally minimize your tax burden and paperwork, increase your bottom line, protect your assets, find attractive business, investment and lifestyle options, and, ultimately, ensure your freedom and prosperity.


Leverage Global Structuring Opportunities
to Grow Your Business

We provide structuring intelligence to determine your optimal structures and the jurisdiction(s) where to establish them.

We analyze the pros and cons of potential group structuring options considering your specific industry, your business and commercial circumstances and priorities, target markets, regulatory and licensing requirements, governance, legal protection and financial services accessibility, among others – so you can make an informed decision.

We empower you to leverage global structuring opportunities to ensure smooth and hassle-free business operations, the greatest asset protection, liability limitation, risk mitigation and tax minimization.

We can help you. What is your industry?

Crypto & Blockchain
Fintech & Financial Services
Investment Funds
Software & Technology
Merchants & Trading
Professional Services
Family Wealth


Focus On What You Do Best,
We Handle The Rest

We provide incorporation and ongoing compliance services in more than 50 jurisdictions worldwide for a variety of legal vehicles and instruments such as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Foundations and Trusts.

We also assist with obtaining licenses and regulatory permissions for a variety of financial services and other regulated businesses such as gaming.

We have a vast network of banks and payment services providers to provide you access to top banking services and ensure that your financial services needs are covered in an increasingly complex landscape.

We handle all structuring, banking and licensing stuff to empower you to concentrate on what you do best – grow your business.

Incorporate a Company
Open a Bank Account


Diversify your Life, Business and Personal Finances to Ensure Your Freedom and Prosperity

Where you are a citizen, where you are a tax resident, where you do business, where you hold your assets and where you actually live, work and play can easily be different places, different countries or even a different hemisphere.

We identify solutions with an international perspective to categorical concerns related to business and wealth structuring, banking and merchant processing, estate and succession planning, personal and corporate tax residency, asset protection and personal residency and citizenship.

We design and implement comprehensive internationalization plans to legally reduce your tax bill, protect your assets and privacy, minimize paperwork and administrative burdens, and find attractive immigration, lifestyle and investment opportunities to achieve a greater level of freedom and to grow your wealth in leading jurisdictions.



Multiple Passports for more Freedom, Safety and Investment Options

We live in a world where if you are a skilled entrepreneur, investor or you have an independent source of income, countries are literally competing to offer you residency and/or citizenship.

We cover more than 100 immigration by investment and entrepreneurship programs worldwide through our global network of partners. We also provide attractive financing options to make this lifestyle cost-effective.

Whether you are looking for a second passport and/or residency to start your new venture, to legally minimize your tax liability, to improve your lifestyle, to find high-yield investment opportunities, or simply, to achieve a greater level of freedom, we have you covered.

Citizenship by Investment Programs

Our Jurisdictional Comparison Tools

Use our dedicated internationalization applications to browse and compare jurisdictions filtering by relevant variables. Find a dedicated report on each jurisdiction to learn what are your best passport, residency, incorporation and banking options.

Get a second passport
Immigration by investment & Tax residency
company incorporation
Open an offshore bank account


Actionable Internationalization Intelligence

Our Blog is a “Do-It-Yourself” information center that can empower you to take action with your own knowledge and expertise. Find actionable information in our more than 200 articles written since 2012.



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We Build Long-Lasting Business Relationships

Since 2012, Flag Theory has been providing internationalization and offshore solutions, dealing in complex financial affairs with confidence through our global network of experienced lawyers, accountants, advisors and bankers.

We are committed to a series of principles that drive our organization culture and are the engine of our growth. We establish lasting relationships to provide our clients with the necessary tools to achieve individual autonomy, a superior quality of life and less dependence on any one system.

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Having helped more than thousand businesses and corporations during the last 7 years, Flag Theory is the must have internationalization resource for entrepreneurs and investors from various industries and nationalities. Read what our clients have to say about working with Flag Theory.

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