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International structuring to increase your privacy, freedom and wealth.

Start internationally diversifying your life, your business and your personal finances.

What we do

At Flag Theory™ we help business owners, freelancers, location independent entrepreneurs and investors internationalize their life and their business and personal finances using a time proven strategic internationalization process achieved by planting flags in different countries.

Each flag represents a specific element of personal finance or business which can be effectively implemented to legally minimize obligations to governments, find more freedom and grow wealth in leading jurisdictions.


Flag Theory is the art and science of being a permanent traveler.
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Find more freedom, safety and opportunities getting a second residency and/or a second passport.
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Get tax residency in a low-tax jurisdiction to legally minimize your obligations to governments and save thousands of dollars.
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Protect your assets and increase net profits structuring your business internationally.
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Place your savings in sound banks in safe jurisdictions worldwide and gain access to merchant accounts.
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Preserve your wealth holding precious metals and invest in emerging markets to yield higher returns and build wealth quickly.
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Protect your intellectual property, intangible assets, and secure your privacy and online communications enhancing your digital security.
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Move a small part of your savings outside the financial system investing in cryptocurrencies and find new ways to finance your business.
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Flag Theory is the one stop shop that takes you through each strategy step by step and implements them for you.
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Privacy & Technology

We have a robust, custom-built encrypted customer access portal for safe document storage. Bitcoin/Dash/Z-cash accepted. PGP enabled. We keep our customers data private and never share this data unless compelled by law in regulated jurisdiction.


We only use 100% legal strategies. We help minimize the paperwork process and administrative burden for personal residency, incorporation and maintenance of companies.

Trustworthy & Capable

We deal in complex financial affairs with confidence and work with our global network of experienced lawyers, accountants and advisors to make sure your corporate structure is sound.

Independent & Unbiased

We are not tied to any particular jurisdiction and always place our clients first.


Find actionable information in more than 130 articles written since 2012

Discover the 7 Flags of FlagTheory

  • Second Passport
  • Tax Residency
  • Company Incorporation
  • International Banking
  • Physical Assets
  • Digital Security
  • Digital Assets

Citizenship is an extremely polarizing subject. Many people incorrectly think that a 2nd passport is illegal. This is a myth. Incomplete knowledge and nationalistic indoctrination has perpetuated a stigma that somehow obtaining a 2nd Passport is “grey”, or outright illegal activity. Nothing could be further from the truth. 2nd Passports can be utilized for international business and travel, opening new doors to opportunity and providing a safe fallback option in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Find out how to secure your future:

Where you are a Tax Resident is an important aspect to consider when planning a business international strategy. Many people who are permanent travelers plan to simultaneously “live everywhere” and “live nowhere”. If, for instance, you hold an American passport – if you spend less than 30 days a year in the US each year, or you are a tax resident elsewhere, you can get over $102,100 of earned income excluded each year. Many countries have similar rules, though they do vary substantially.

We can help you navigate worldwide requirements of tax residency:
Get Tax Residency

Many businesses, from small digital nomads to major multinational corporations operate at least partly through Offshore Companies, and you too can easily and affordably plant a flag outside your own country. Setting up a company is inexpensive (oftentimes costs less than $1000) and depending on your unique circumstances, this entity can be used to establish privacy, limit liability, attract outside funding, comply with local laws, establish a residency and many other benefits.

Let us do your incorporation for you:

Enhance your Offshore Company with an International Bank Account. Secure banking jurisdictions is essential for financial freedom. Governments and economies are fragile and inept. They can, and do, topple and crash. That’s why it is important to allocate a portion of your wealth or assets in a safe haven. Even if you don’t have much – it is advantageous to have a structure in place so that if something does go wrong, you have an escape plan.

Introductions to international financial services:

Physical Asset is a strategic flag to plant a physical fortress. It is important to choose in a country that respects land ownership rights and land with potable water, arable land and enough gold and girls to hold out no matter what happens. Even though we may have a base, as permanent travelers and practitioners of flag theory, we are free to move and travel when and where we choose.

All of us are frequent users of the internet, and programs are frequently capturing huge amounts of data on us and exerting a process over our data called “data mining”. Learning about Data Security is a rabbit hole that keeps going. Once you learn about the “dark web”, encryption, port searching, etc. you may find yourself never wanting to stop. In the world we currently live, it is of paramount importance to protect online privacy, and communicating securely without having compromises.

Check our Virtual Private Network free comparison tool:

If you are an entrepreneur, why not start your own digital asset in an ICO? We provide ICO consulting including tax and legal structuring to remain compliant with the laws in various jurisdictions.

Compare crypto currencies, exchange platforms and wallets at :


We pride ourselves on providing superior service. With clients in over 50 countries, Flag Theory is the must have internationalization resource. Read what our clients have to say about working with Flag Theory.


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