Dateline Q3 2016 – 2nd Passport Program Updates

download-29Dominica 2nd passport

Dominica made a lot of noise about raising the single applicant contribution from $100,000 to $175,000, but at the last minute backed down. For now, rates remain the same. For more information on this process and how to get a Dominica 2nd passport, see our dedicated site:

Comoros 2nd passport

In case you missed it, back in May Comoros updated their restricted nations and removed the vast majority of the previously barred countries. Currently, they are only restricting applications from Iran and France. The country also relaxed the UAE residency visa restriction, so if you have a residency in your passport for UAE, Comoros will now review the applications on a case by case basis rather than just denying outright. Comoros is the least expensive “instant passport” option in the world at just US$45,000. With this 2nd passport, you can visit 70+ countries visa-free and just takes 2-3 months to get. See more at Passports.IO/Comoros

Dominican Republic Residency Program

After many requests, we have expanded our service offerings to include the Dominican Republic! DR only has a residency program, so it is not an “Instant Passport” like from Dominica or Comoros. The country offers 3 investor class visas for residency, a lump sum fixed deposit (Bonds or CD) of $200,000, a Pensioner visa requiring $1500/month in fixed income (must be fixed income, not salary, like from social security or an annuity) and an Independently Wealthy requiring US$2000 per month from provable passive income remitted to the country (again, has to be passive income, like rents or dividends, not salary). Total time from residency to citizenship and get a 2nd passport can be just 18-22 months. To discuss further, contact us.

United States Investor Visa – EB-5

Since last year, no changes have been made to the EB-5 program, but as September is nowhere, there is word again that there will likely be a rate increase for the minimum investment in Targeted Employment Area investments (rural areas) from the original of $500,000 to $800,000. While this increase has not been passed by Congress as of yet, it is highly likely due to the popularity of the program.

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