Austrian Economics | How To Get Your Own Offshore Gold Backed Account

Austrian Economics | How to get your own Offshore Gold Backed Account

Gold is a safe place to hold money, but a problem is was that gold is was illiquid – meaning that you can’t carry it around and trade it easily.Credit Card backed by gold

All of that changed – with the world’s first gold backed debit card.

Gold is the oldest form of payment. Before there was the fractionalized banking system, government bailouts, stock market bubbles, the real estate collapse, the banking crises, and entire economies based on the faith that a piece of paper (money) was worth something, the world was simpler. There was gold – just gold.

Over time, fiat money and the modern day banking system replaced gold. Credit could be now expanded and created out of thin air, which sometimes fuels economic expansion, and other times causes a great collapse. This hedge fund manager explains the phenomenon quite well. If you are interested in these subjects, look into Keynesian economic theory and the opposing school of Austrian economic theory with proponents Rothbard, Hayek, Lew Rockwell, Mises, and yours truly, Flag Theory Team.

What we all agree on is that under the fiat currency system, governments and central banks are given tremendous power to expand the money supply, and this can have dangerous repercussions, including economic depression, recession and stagnation.

How can I protect myself from an Economic Collapse?

Buy Gold. Gold is safe. That is because gold does not have the rapid inflation and deflationary aspects of fiat currency. Gold – is an inherent hedge against fiat money. This is evidenced by the enormous gain gold made over the past decade against virtually every other currency. Gold is trading sideways lately, which represents a great place to enter the market.

A product of Austrian economist, and millionaire banker –Peter Schiff – the worlds first gold backed card allows you to essentially Gold backed debit cardcarry gold in your pocket.

How can I get a gold backed debit card

To get a gold backed debit card, you simply submit the necessary due diligence to the banker (email me and I can introduce you to a banker) and fund the account, and they buy gold for you, store it, and give you a debit card you can use worldwide. Click this link to start the process

Each time you make a purchase, a little bit of gold (equal to the purchase value of the goods) is removed from your account. If you transfer money into your account, then gold is added to your account, all based on the daily market value, or spot value, of the fiat currency exchanged for gold.

Basically, instead of holding a banking account in Euros (which might fail, and you lose all your money) you are holding an account in gold (which is safer, and will likely increase in value).

It’s a very simple process and a quite ingenious alternative to traditional banking options. Essentially, if you want to protect yourself against fiat money collapse, then buying gold is a good idea. The problem is that you can’t trade it quickly or easily, or use it for everyday purchases. However, with this gold backed debit card, you can.

Your account is held in an offshore bank in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Please note that this product is not available to Americans, as the bank is not compliant with the recent FATCA laws of the US and has decided to not accept US clients. We do have other offshore banking options for Americans – with banks who are compliant with FATCA.

At Flag Theory – we want to present the best ways to arrange your finance and your life to survive and thrive no matter what happens in the world.

We use a strategic methodology to plant flags in jurisdictions which help you to protect your freedom, privacy and wealth – and each time we see a product which makes sense, is fairly priced, and most importantly tested and legitimized, we bring that investment product to you.

We have a contrarian investment strategy, while everyone else is swimming against the current of a raging river – we swim to the side, look at what is happening, and build a boat.

Each Saturday I will bring you a new investment option. I am not soliciting this from you, not will I benefit in any way, this is purely for your use, should you qualify, and is not a sale that benefits me.

To your freedom, privacy and wealth.

Flag Theory Team


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