Asia is the Earth's largest and most populous continent, covering about 9% of the Earth's total surface area (29.45% of the Earth's total land area) and containing about 61% of the its total population. The continent has been the driver and arena of most global growth and progress in recent years.

The Asian continent is as huge as it is complex and diverse. From the developed and somewhat saturated economies of Japan and South Korea, the financial and trade centers of Hong Kong and Singapore, the giant emerging markets of India and China to the most recently booming economies of Myanmar, Vietnam, The Philippines and Mongolia - it's full of investment opportunities of all shape and form. With the highest growth prospects worldwide and an emerging middle class, it is believed that Asia is well on its way to assuming global economic hegemony in the coming decades.


At Flag Theory, we want to help you find the best strategic locations worldwide to improve your freedom, privacy and wealth. We believe that Asia will play an important role in any successful internationalization strategy. With that in mind, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in investment opportunities, citizenship and residency visas, company incorporation and international banking options for the Asian continent.

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