The Bermuda Islands are a British overseas territory member of the CARICOM. Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the southeast coast of the United States, with the closest American continent point being Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, which is located 1,030 km to the northwest, while the city of Miami is 1 770 km to the southwest. It has just over 67,000 inhabitants and its capital is Hamilton.

The islands form the northern peak of the legendary Bermuda Triangle, a large maritime area in which it is said numerous ships and aircraft have disappeared over the years in unexplained circumstances. The archipelago is in an adverse climate area prone to hurricanes.

Its official currency is the Bermudian Dollar (BMD), pegged to the US$ at a 1:1 ratio. The country has one of the highest per capita incomes worldwide. Its economy is based on insurance and reinsurance, banking and financial services, as well as tourism.

Bermuda is a tax neutral jurisdiction. It does not tax income, profits, dividends or capital gains. Non-resident investors may buy or sell shares and units of investment funds without being subject to local taxation. The country offers all kinds of facilities also for trusts, which are also exempt from taxation.

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