Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Caribbean country located between Panama and Guatemala and a member of the CARICOM. It has just over 51,000 sq. km of land and almost 5 million inhabitants. Its capital and political, cultural, social and economic center is San Jose, and its official currency is the Costa Rican Colón (CRC), although the US Dollar is widely accepted.

Costa Rica is often called the 'Switzerland of Central America', because of its pleasant lifestyle, lack of army, stable democracy and its impressive natural beauty; its considered the happiest, most ecological, green and sustainable country on the planet. Costa Rica is one of the most progressive, developed and stable countries in the Americas, with an emphasis on the environment, freedom of the press, security, equality, democracy, health and education.

Its main economic sectors are tourism, high technology industrial manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. It is the most visited country in Central America, with around 25% of the region's tourism market share. Americans account for about 40% of all tourists. Costa Rica has traditionally been an attractive jurisdiction to set up a company conducting international trade business, due to its territorial tax system and its free trade areas.

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