Citizenship by Investment

Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Find more freedom, safety and lifestyle, banking and investment options by getting a second residency and/or a second passport.

Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining a second citizenship provides you travel freedom, residency, lifestyle changes, banking and business options and opens a myriad of opportunities that could lead you to encounter experiences to grow both personally and professionally.

And most importantly, with a second citizenship you make sure that if things in your country go wrong, you have a place to go and call home. A second citizenship is a worst-case scenario insurance policy, a safe fallback tool in the event of an economic or political disaster.

A second passport provides a greater level of freedom.

The quickest and most direct path to a second passport (no matter who your parents are, where you were born, or where you live) is through an officially recognized citizenship by investment program.

Through these programs individuals are eligible to obtain citizenship in a few months by investing in real estate, government bonds or via a donation to a government agency.

At Flag Theory, we cover all Citizenship by Investment programs available worldwide and provide attractive financing options to make this lifestyle cost-effective.



Starting at EUR 270,000


Starting at EUR 1,150,000


Starting at EUR 2,000,000



Starting at USD 150,000

Saint Kitts & Nevis

Starting at USD 150,000


Starting at USD 100,000

Antigua & Barbuda

Starting at USD 100,000

Saint Lucia

Starting at USD 100,000



Starting at USD 160,000

Our Residency & Citizenship by Investment Comparison Tools

Use our dedicated Passports & Residency applications to browse and compare jurisdictions while filtering by relevant variables. Find a dedicated report on each jurisdiction to determine what your best second passport and residency options are.

The Passports.IO marketplace is designed to bring together the world’s foremost citizenship by investment opportunities and allow you to compare them side by side.

Immigration by investment & Tax residency

Residencies.IO is the essential resource to navigate through the most attractive residency opportunities worldwide. You can browse by countries, benefits, costs, requirements, procedures and taxes and find detailed reports of more than 100 programs.

Residency by Investment & Entrepreneurship

Where you are a citizen, where you are a tax resident and where you actually live, work and play can easily all be a different place, a different country or even a different hemisphere.

We live in a world where if you are a skilled entrepreneur, an investor or you have an independent source of income, countries are literally competing to offer you residency.

By utilizing global arbitrage of opportunity it is possible to optimize every part of your life. Doing so could also legally reduce your tax liability.

We cover more than 100 immigration by investment and entrepreneurship programs worldwide through our global network of local law firms.

Whether you are looking for residency to start your new venture, to reduce your tax liability, to secure your retirement haven or to find high-yield investment opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

The Most Popular Programs


Starting at USD 5,000


Starting at USD 5,000


Starting at EUR 500,000


Starting at EUR 500,000


Starting at EUR 250,000


Starting at EUR 250,000


Starting at EUR 150,000

Costa Rica

Starting at USD 30,000


Starting at USD 18,000

*Costs indicated are for a single applicant and do not include legal, government fees and other disbursements.

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