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Brandon Raub: A Domestic Terrorist?

When Brandon was enjoying a quiet evening with friends, he had no idea government agents from the local police and FBI would come to his house, detain him, and throw him in an insane asylum for “further evaluation”.

Brandon Raub
Brandon Raub

His alleged crime? Facebook Posts.

Yes, that’s right – social media of a ‘terrorist nature’ was the reason that former marine Brandon Raub, was taken from his home and placed into the custody of the state.

A patriot standing up for what he believed in, persecuted, against his first amendment right to freedom of speech.

A growing trend around the world, and a message from the government.

All over the interweb, people are downright angry, arguing several key points which I believe are worth addressing:

1. He was not read his “Miranda rights”

His mother has been very vocal about his arrest (understandably so) but her argument falls apart when she made a continued point about his Miranda rights.

I don’t want to be pedantic about intricate aspects of US law – but being that I had to sit through those classes in school – Police are not required to read Miranda rights – this does not invalidate an arrest.

Miranda rights only apply to confessions.

In essence: you confess to police you committed a crime before Miranda rights are read, but after you have been detained – testimony not admissible in court under Miranda V. Arizona.

If you confess to police to a crime after the Miranda rights have been read – then the evidence is admissible.

If you are arrested and police do not read you your rights, it does not affect the arrest whatsoever.

If you ask the police to speak to a lawyer, they can no longer question you about the alleged crime. If you are ever arrested, all you need to do is ask for a lawyer. Ask the officer “Am I being detained, am I free to go” if you are placed in custody – do not say anything, and ask to speak to a lawyer.

Not to belabor the point but if you are not read your rights it doesn’t matter; this is a common misconception.

2. Brandon was arrested under NDAA (FALSE)

There is little to no evidence that Brandon was arrested under NDAA.

NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, is one of the most heinous violations of American civil liberties in the history of the USA. It has caused a massive uproar – and rightly so. NDAA was signed into law by Obama and gives the executive branch explicit authority to arrest anyone (including Americans) and hold them indefinitely without trial.

However, this specific case does not appear to be an instance of NDAA. He was detained for the weekend – which is legal.

3. Brandon Raub: a Domestic Terrorist?

He has some fairly bold statements on his page, and he is holding guns in his picture, which people say make him a threat. He also has some very interesting comments about the government.

Nervous nellies across the net have been thanking – yes thanking the FBI for preventing another “Timothy McVeigh”.

Raub Brandon is clearly a domestic terrorist who used Facebook to send a call to action to commit a terrorist act. The FBI & local government agencies must have pages full of evidence against him. He was probably on a watch list. There are hundreds of hate groups who threaten to commit terrorism that are being watched. But they don’t get arrested until they begin executing on an act. The FBI surveils [sic] a suspect for months before they spend the time & resources coordinating three agencies to capture a suspect. There is a process to get authorization to surveil [sic] a suspect. Raub Brandon was probably arrested for conspiracy to comment [sic] a terrorist act; after being surveilled [sic] for MONTHS & the FBI building evidence… It was the FBI doing their job; protecting the public against domestic terrorism.

I personally enjoyed this response:

Your love for the “authorities” reminds me of all the waving, shouting, beautiful German girls you see saluting the fuehrer in those old 30’s videos of the Reich. You are completely brainwashed by the propaganda, so much so that you can’t even see how crazy you sound.

You speculate about all these clandestine operational modes that each of the authorities attends to. How do you have such inside knowledge on the neighborhood watch of this man’s town? …please go read John Locke’s essay On the State of Nature, which will show you that a free society, is one in a state of anarchy.

Not every person in this country is content with fulfilling their slave role that the conglomerate industries have designed for us. We don’t all long to be simple puppets constantly striving for the newest item of mass consumption as we eat food designed to kill us and work in an indentured servitude…

I apologize for this not being as organized or articulately argued as I would like it to be. But your nonsensical rant for the upholding of the status quo in this country has to be rebuffed and chastised. You are all the things ABC and CNN and Fox news want you to be. Closed minded, easily led, and fearful. Very, very fearful.


That an arrest like this is perceived as normal and necessary by many, many people shows a growing trend of our times.

It doesn’t matter what Raub said, or who he is, or what he does.

What matters is that he lives in America – and he was detained by the government for speaking out with a dissenting voice.

Freedom of speech no longer means “freedom of speech” in America. Your freedom is gone.

Your social media – Facebook and Twitter – are being monitored. Your privacy is deteriorating.

Most people are afraid – and maybe they should be.

The ideals upon which the constitution and United States government were founded are now just ideas – no longer relevant or applicable.

When a marine is taken from his home by government agents because of Facebook comments, all hope is lost.

The writing is on the wall. Will you stand idly by as the government stamps a boot in your face?

It’s easier than you think to reclaim your freedom, you just have to leave.

You could…

I don’t mean to belabor the point. The world is simply overflowing with unique opportunity.

If you don’t like the effect your environment is having over you, don’t change yourself – change your environment.

Nowadays, the ideals of America are found outside the US.

Recognize opportunity. The opportunity to internationalize is right in front of you. You don’t even need to leave home to get a 2nd citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis.

Think a 2nd passport isn’t necessary? Is your freedom worth more than $50,000?

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