Digital Security

Governments are increasingly willing to spy on their own people. Whether it is the UK government watching your every movement, the Chinese government censoring the entire internet, the Iranian and Egyptian governments shutting the internet down, government powers and censorship’s have clearly grown in recent years. A brief glance at the misinformation printed in the newspapers nowadays might have you think that your freedoms are shrinking as well.

The internet has changed the face of business and commerce forever. Now that businesses can operate without an established base, from the internet – the locations where our infrastructure flags are planted becomes important. Just where is the flag for the infrastructure of an internet business.

Further, our intellectual property and intangible assets are more at risk than ever before. You need to be hyper vigilant about the security of your financial information, passwords, national identification number and even digital currency.

Digital Security is like anything else, you often don’t appreciate it until its gone. Your security, your identity, and your website need to be protected at all times. Not knowing is no longer an excuse. Sensitive information should be sent via encrypted email. Firewalls, VPN access and virus software are a must. It’s not about being paranoid, its about being prepared.

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