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5 Passport Updates | Brand New Citizenship by Investment Option

Brand New Citizenship by Investment Option – Flag Theory

2nd Passports

It appears that obtaining a second citizenship is beginning to catch momentum as a global trend. I’ve met several people in just the past week who have obtained multiple passports (more on that in later) but this trend is hardly more than a few personal vignettes. While individual experiences are valuable to learn from, truth must be backed by facts – truth must proven and backed by evidence.

Empirically speaking, Google shows that the search query for “2nd passport” is trending massively. One might think this would make it harder to obtain an alternative citizenship because there is more demand – but actually as alternative passports begin to trend, I have noted that this is not a zero sum game.

Citizenship by investment sometimes involves a large investment, and Governments around the world are increasingly willing to cash in on this trend and offer citizenship by investment to affluent citizens looking to obtain a travel document, and more importantly: a citizenship should they someday wish to renounce their current citizenship.

For some, this would be an unthinkable deed to “turn their back on their homeland”, but for others – they simply seek the highest quality of life for themselves and their family, regardless of where in the world this happens to be.

Brand New Citizenship by Investment Option - Flag Theory
Brand New Citizenship by Investment Option – Flag Theory

India –> US –> Singapore

As a real life example, I met no less than 3 individuals within just the past week who began life as an Indian national, moved to America and obtained dual US citizenship and maintained their Indian passport as well – and then finally renounced both previous citizenships in exchange for Singaporean citizenship, (a country which does not recognize dual citizenship).

Many people may wish to simply have dual citizenship, without being forced to renounce a previous citizenship; for them, Singapore is not currently an option.

However, there are plenty of other options forn alternative citizenship, some of which have been available for some time, others that are recently gaining momentum. The following 3 programs are quite new, and haven’t even been fully indoctrinated into law.

  1. Portugal. A new program dubbed the “Golden Residence Program” will provide permanent residency in exchange for E 500k real estate purchase. After which, one can apply for naturalization after six years, but it will be necessary to speak Portuguese at a proficient level.
  2. Hungary. A new bill in Hungary will grant residency to foreign nationals who purchase at least 250k of government bonds and you can later apply for naturalization after eight years. If you can prove that your ancestry is, the citizenship process is streamlined for anyone who can prove that an a decedent ancestor once lived in the now defunct of Austro Hungarian empire, which spanned most of modern day Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, or Slovenia from 1867 until the end of World War I.
  3. Spain. The program hasn’t been greenlighted, but there is a proposal moving (slowly) through Spanish legislature which may grant residency in exchange for 160,000 euro real estate purchase. Others have pursued this process in the past to mixed success. Many people are interested in this process and should it be pushed through, Spanish real estate may jump in price in certain areas – which could be a great move for a failing Spanish economy.

There are other options if you are willing to live an extended period on the ground in the country…

Obviously it is necessary to spend time on the ground in these countries, but it varies considerably how much time must be spent in the country. You DO have options if you are willing to move somewhere and live for an extended option, the question is…

{note: if you are looking for a complete resource for this information, become a premium PT member and get access to a network and wealth of resources}

The previous options require some time spent in the country; however, this may be too inconvenient or impossible for some. There are other options, for instance the 3 countries listed below will grant you citizenship by investment without you having to even set foot in the country.

A passport from St Kitts and Nevis costs $275,000 for investment in the sugar fund (where you will not be returned your money) or $515,000 all in for an investment in real estate (which grants citizenship for 4 individuals, but more are possible) and this process is covered fully in this post.

A passport from Dominica is available for a recently increased fee of $175,000 for single, more for families (increased again August 2016 by Dominican government due to high demand)

Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic – It is pronounced DOM EN EE KA) is one of only a few countries in the world where you can receive an instant passport from the government by making an economic contribution to the country.

This passport offered by Dominica has recently become significantly more powerful, as the EU commission will now allow Dominican citizens to travel visa free to the Schengen Area.

According to Europa.eu

“The visa exemption proposal is expected to be reciprocated through agreements with these countries to ensure a visa free regime for all EU citizens and some categories of British citizens currently under the visa obligation. Now it is the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union who are to consider and finally approve the Commission proposal.”

Great news for those who are willing and able to obtain citizenship through investment, as a passport from Dominica just became a good deal more valuable.

Dominica is a great instant citizenship option which has been in existence for over a decade, and is a tried and true process. Please download the guide on Dominica citizenship here for more information.

Okay, on to the new passport option, as promised…

New Instant Passport option: Antigua and Barbuda

Reputable sources have informed me that the country of Antigua will soon offer citizenship by investment. The legislation is being currently passed, but it is estimated that next year you will be able to receive citizenship by investment in the country of Antigua and Barbuda. If you are at all interested in this program contact me and I can connect you to my lawyer on the ground. The investment size will probably exceed that of other countries with official passport programs including Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis.

The issue is that every time one of these sovereign nations extends an offer to the world for citizenship, oftentimes they receive a large amount of internal and external pressure.

I’ll have more about the details of this process in coming weeks, and its important for me to be precise so I won’t release any more until this program is 100% approved and backed by the government. However, here’s some more background on Antigua.

Controversy in the Caribbean

Antigua has a history of independence where they tend to pursue their own goals with a sense of national freedom and independence from outside pressure.

Antigua is known as an offshore jurisdiction which attracts businessmen seeking privacy, bank accounts, and other business such as gambling licenses.

Of course, you must be careful where you tread when doing business internationally, particularly if your business is legal in some places and illegal in others. Notably, the US has passed laws that prohibit US persons gambling online and persecuted those with an Antiguan license. This was ruled by world trade organization to be in violation of WTO rules and Antigua later won a settlement of $21 million judgment settlement against the US for blocking this trade. This was less than the US$3.5 billion for which the case was brought, and was in many ways a pyrrhic victory for Antigua.

Gun Smuggling Bank Presidents…

Another interesting story is that of Bruce Rappaport, is one of the most interesting characters in the offshore industry. He was the founder of Swiss American Bank Ltd., later renamed Global Bank of Commerce, Ltd., was the first IBC bank in Antigua.

This bank refused to release customer funds back to the US and was sued. The bank got caught up in a mess when one of its clients, John E. Fitzgerald admitted to laundering $7 Mil through shell corps placed the money in SAB. The Bank, instead of returning the money to the US gov, paid the government of Antigua and Barbuda 5M and deposited another $880,000 into a bank account held at the Bank of Bermuda.

Then Prime Minister Lester Bird said to US officials Quote:

“We can’t get you the records, they were destroyed in the hurricane”.

Many consider Bruce Rappaport a charitable man, but many others think he is a snake in the grass. Notably, he has been accused of money laundering, embezzling, and gun smuggling.

Back to Reality

Unless you are a banker who is smuggling guns and embezzling funds, Antigua is a sleepy island in the Caribbean where the weather is warm, the people are friendly, and the beaches are empty. It’s not a bad place to cut out a life, and the strength of the travel document means that you could live as a PT indefinitely in other parts of the world.

A passport from Antigua is a flag that when firmly planted gives you an option, a fallback plan and security net.

In a world where nothing is certain, one with intelligence and ability can secure flags internationally in order to approach the world position of strength.

Flag Theory is a half a century old system which although adapted, has not wavered from the initial principle: the first flag of Flag Theory is a 2nd passport.

Seriously Thinking about a second passport?

Become a PT member.It will save you time, money and it could save your life. A 2nd passport is the ultimate insurance policy.

My connections a vetted network of trusted lawyers and providers as well as a detailed instruction for every legitimate second citizenship process is included in the book.

Until next time… Freedom, Privacy and Wealth.

-Flag Theory Team

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