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FF: Girl Expelled for Refusing Tracking Device


There are some alarming signs that we may be in the eye of a financial tornado.

Things are not getting better. The Eurozone, particularly Greece and Spain, are a complete mess. View this interview which truly illuminates the turmoil of the financial system.

Quote from the clip:

Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell.

It’s quite simple, with the last financial near-collapse – there was no pain felt. Everyone (well, almost everyone – sorry Lehman Bros!) got bailed out, at ridiculously high rates (95 cents on the dollar) paid for by taxpayer money (see: TARP).

Corporations get bailed, taxpayers get bent over.

Most people don’t even know or care about these insane abuses of taxpayer money, where private corporations were saved from failure with American taxpayer dollars. This isn’t how an efficient economy works.

Free markets are designed to eliminate the waste – in order to function properly, there has to be a real failure, and fear of failure – there cannot exist a “too big to fail” mentality. Otherwise, there will inevitably be over-leveraging to the point of exhaustion – which we are only a few years away from… Or maybe it’s already here…

Statistics are echoing that last great recession: rising prices for essentials, systemically high unemployment and stagnant wages

What are you doing to prepare yourself?

Do you have a place to go? A place to live where there are sustainable food, energy, and water supply? I urge you to consider this seriously.

Now might be the best time in the past year to buy gold. Many people feel that the price of gold is being manipulated by large organizations. This is quite obvious. However, other governments, like Brazil, are doubling up on their reserves (which is a good sign you might want to as well.)

Game = Fixed

Debating whether there may or may not be manipulation is fairly irrelevant in my mind. The amount of high-frequency trading, price manipulation, labor fixing, etc., leaves the investor with little confidence and essentially few options in first world economies.

Physical gold is a solid investment option as a fraction of any portfolio. Ignore the perilous ups and downs and stay the course.

It’s too difficult to trade actively (except on a full-time basis). Besides, the deck is stacked against you. For instance, the NYSE is so broken that they are literally trying to sell it off in pieces

How ridiculous is it that the former SEC chairmen declare openly that the NYSE is a broken system and is being sold off in pieces as distressed assets?

“Technology has changed the landscape” and that “equity trading is not the wave of the profitable future.” …. “{the NYSE} is a wasting asset”.

Ouch. Writing –> Wall.

This is because “Trading volume for equity securities has largely left the New York Stock Exchange, which has become more of a forum for smaller transactions,” he added. “And ‘dark pools’ have been the forum for larger transactions.”

Basically – institutional investors trading with other institutions, largely led by the rise of computerized trading.

What should I do?

However, instead of complaining about how difficult investing in public companies may be, let’s look at the bright side. As detailed in the video above, it is obvious that the massive de-leveraging of the financial markets will force flows of capital into emerging market economies.

Start a business. Invest. Move or buy assets in greener pastures abroad.

There has never been a better time to start a business, or make an angel investment in a startup – particularly in emerging market economies as the present.

Those who are able to capitalize on this flow of capital from developed to less developed nations will be rewarded handsomely.

We’ve already seen this to some extent with the BRIC nations India, China, Brazil, and Russia. They’ve seen a massive change in the quality of life for their citizens and overall wealth.

What will come next is the next tier of nations – the so-called “G22” and places like Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, will see a massive influx of wealth as the world needs countries – and people – that produce! (Entrepreneur note: those links are to detailed articles on how to start a business in those countries)

Not only that, but we’re witnessing what’s been dubbed “the great escape” – talented and ambitious young men and women are leaving the US for greener pastures abroad in an unprecedented exodus.

And you cannot blame them for leaving! The United States has gone from a place where freedom was once cherished and personal liberty was honored, to a place where that has been sacrificed for ‘safety’ and convenience.

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither. – Thomas Jefferson

Here’s a truly frightening example of the encroaching boundaries of control from institutions.

Girl expelled for refusing to wear an RFID chip.Girl expelled for refusing to wear an RFID chip.

Is this really what we’ve come to? That we consider it somehow sane, or normal that kids need to be tracked – much in the same way as cattle? Viewed as dots on a screen, shifting from classroom to classroom. Is this not 1984? If not now, when?

It doesn’t need to be this way. It’s just plain lunacy. Putting tracking devices on school children isn’t normal, acceptable or right. It’s not called being a Luddite, it’s called having common sense!

Technology gives us tremendous powers, efficiency, and can produce a higher quality of life.

Conversely, It can just as easily be used to control people, remove their freedom, and track their every movement.

And those who argue against infringement on basic freedoms are made an example of – in this case, they are expelled from school.

In other cases, they might be Brandon Raub – who was arrested in his home for a Facebook post.

Or they might be Julian Assange, or Kim Dot Com.

In the age of data mining and drug sniffing lasers have we already passed the inflection point?

Yes. There is no point in fighting it. Don’t resist. You’ll be made an example of. Just leave.


Fiat currency remains on the precipice of absolute failure, the fiscal cliff is here and America is being hurled over the edge, the NYSE is badly broken, gold and precious metals trading is being manipulated – and little Suzy needs to wear a tracking device to attend the 2nd grade.

Have you hit your breaking point yet?

What have you done to protect your life, your family, and your future?

I’ve talked at length in other articles about how to protect yourself from the inevitable collapse.

Do you have gold or precious metals stored overseas? Have you considered acquiring an alternative citizenship? That is the first flag of Flag Theory – and to get started, I urge you to take a look at this…