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About Flag Theory

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

Flag Theory is a strategic internationalization process achieved by planting flags in different countries. Each flag represents a specific element of your personal finances or business which is designed to impact and increase your freedom, privacy, and wealth.

Flag theory is for PT’s who strategically place flags around the world to increase freedom and prosperity.

The spy-like lifestyle was first mentioned in 1964 by Harry D Shultz in his novel “How to Keep Your Money and Your Freedom”. The original Flag Theory was comprised of the following 3 flags: (1) a second passport, (2) a safe location for your assets outside your own country and (3) a legal address in a tax haven.

In This Downloadable PDF We'll Show You...

  • The best places to incorporate your business.
  • The best places to incorporate your business.
  • The best way to determine where to set up.
  • Breakdown of some things to think about when deciding where to inc.

7 Day Crash Course on Flag Theory

Take a 7 day crash course and get up to speed on the offshore world.
You’ll also receive a FREE report
Politicians – how large companies and people you know use 2nd passports and offshore companies.
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The Best Way to Internationalize

Flag Theory is the modernized 50 year old method for entrepreneurs who want to find the best countries in the world for freedom, privacy and wealth.

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Flag Theory Affiliate Program

Flag Theory is now offering an Affiliate Program for its family of websites (Passports.io, Incorporations.io, etc). We have had many requests for a Program and are excited about rolling it out.

As an Affiliate, you will be able to determine which customers of yours have become Flag Theory customers and get compensated for your efforts.