Incorporate In Hong Kong

Incorporate In Hong Kong

Why Incorporate Your Business In HK?

  • Strong Offshore Banking
  • Confidential Shareholder Registry
  • Paypal, and More...

Incorporation is a vital foundation of any successful business. It can make or break your business…

Hong Kong is a proven effective onshore/offshore place to set up a business. Companies that set up in HK might be able to qualify for 0% corporate income tax (as long as company is not doing business in HK, and qualifies with the IRB in HK for this purpose) We can consult further to make sure that you will qualify, as well as assit with filings.

expert help

Expert Help

We have an office on the ground in HK and we will meet you to give you your corporate documents.

3 Bank Introductions

Sometimes people have trouble setting up accounts. In HK we will meet you in person and take you to 3 different banks.

Client Confidentiality

We absolutely respect your privacy and will never share any of your information unless required by law.

Long Term Success

We set up long-term solutions for businesses to provide for long-term success.

Benefits Of Incorporating In Hong Kong

Strategically located next to China, “HK” is an island – one of the wealthiest in the world, and a place where many billionaires live, work and retire.

If you like low tax, a good reputation, strong banking, relaxed rules, and lots of money – Hong Kong might just be the best place for you to incorporate.

  • Common Law
    Hong Kong law is derived from British common law, and most citizens speak english.
  • Strategically Located
    Strategically located next to China, “HK” is an island – one of the wealthiest in the world.
  • Low Tax, No Tax
    profits earned outside of Hong Kong, will not be subject to HK Inland Revenue Board tax.
  • Good Banking
    Once the bank account is set up, you will enjoy some of the lowest wire transfer fees in the world.
I’ve worked (Incorporations.IO) and look forward to doing so again soon in the future. Great service, quick help, and no hiccups. Johan Woods - Stimulead

So How Do I Get Started?

Let us handle all the heavy lifting for you.

Step 1 : You pay, we call you.

Once you engage with us, we’ll send first send you a quick questionnaire to get to know you more and truly understand your requirements. Next, we’ll send you a list of all the required documents for the jurisdiction(s) of your choice. You’ll get a free 1 hour consultation where any and all questions relating to HK incorporation are answered.

Once you are convinced and completely happy, we will proceed to step 2.

Step 2 : We take care of registering your HK company

When everything is in place, we’ll get everything in motion. We will do our due diligence and double/triple check to make sure your business is incorporated in a quick, easy manner, with no hassle for you. We’ll set up your business in HK only after consulting you.

Next, you can fly to HK and meet with the Banker.

Step 3 : Come to Hong Kong

You will now come to Hong Kong, and meet at our offices. We will give you your corporate documents, 1 year free registered agent and office, and introduce you to 3 different bankers in Hong Kong. You will have absolutely everything needed to do business in a safe, secure manner, with your newly set up Hong Kong Company.

Ready to Get Started?

Looking to get incorporated in Hong Kong?

You came to the right place.

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