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International land: a bastion of freedom

Fertile and productive land may be one of the most valuable assets you can own. Its quantity is limited and there will always be demand for food, whether we want it or not, we need to eat to survive.

A bastion of freedom

international landOwning fertile soil with abundant water is a superior form of freedom.

It will assure you that whenever the next global economic catastrophe hits, you and your family will be safe and you will not lack the most indispensable element of our life: food and water.

You may find it exaggerated, but in turbulent times, such as war or post-war with its consequent famines, if you own arable land a food shortage won’t affect you at the same level as the general public.

In addition, acquiring international land can lead you to obtain residency, providing another escape route in a worst-case scenario.

Cultivating and having your own livestock will also give you the freedom to choose what you eat.

You will no longer depend on food poisoned through pesticides, transgenic or preservatives or cattle inflated with antibiotics.

You will have the freedom to know at all times what you are eating.

Most likely there will be a massive shortage of organic food and natural clean water supply in the 21st century. For instance, the current rates of fish extraction from the oceans should be cause for concern.

The amount of drinking water available in the world is decreasing at an alarming rate and the human population is growing at a fast pace.

We often take for granted the fact that we have clean water (especially if we live in a developed country), but much of the world does not even have clean running water. By 2025, 800 million people will live in countries or regions with an absolute water shortage and two-thirds of the world’s population could be in stress conditions.

Owning arable land with plenty of fresh water allows you to strategically position yourself to survive and thrive no matter what happens in the world.

You can find interesting opportunities on arable land abroad and it is more than likely that as the world population increases and resources run out, it will be valuable.

However, you must consider certain factors and caveats when looking for international land.

What you should consider when purchasing international land

First and foremost, individual ownership and absence of foreign ownership restrictions.

For example, foreign ownership of land in Asia is very restrictive. Although there are some opportunities, it is usually better to look at African or Latin American countries.

Africa is home to 202 million hectares or half the world’s total holdings of useable uncultivated fertile land. In any case, extreme due diligence must be made of the country situation and certain risks must be assumed. Land reforms carried out by nationalist parties that have come to power have led to expropriations or other unwanted situations.

residency in paraguay
Soy field, El Chaco Paraguay, Paraguay

Paraguay and Brazil sit on top of the Guarani aquifer (the largest freshwater reserve in the world) and have more open policies regarding land’s foreign ownership. Chile or Colombia may be other places which you may want to keep an eye on.

You have to be careful and be very cautious when purchasing international land.

It can be very difficult to get a clean title in some instances. The title is the piece of paper that certifies that you legally own the land. There are many swindlers out there who will promise a piece of property that looks great on paper, and in person; but in reality, the two are not connected and one or both are fake and not for sale.

It is also not unusual for someone to try to take advantage of you, at least if you are not careful, asking for exorbitant prices, much higher than the market price.

This is why it is important to be well advised and have a reputable and trustworthy connection in the country.

You must make sure that you are really buying the land, the house or the property that you believe it is and that you can adequately comply with the terms of the agreement.

You may have an issue getting the land properly conveyed if you don’t meet every stipulation in the contract. This is a common way for foreign lawyers to dupe unsuspecting investors.

Always get your own private lawyer (not one recommended by the real estate agent and especially not the buyer) and make absolutely certain that you perform due diligence.

You will always want to talk to a respected and well-known lawyer before making any commercial transactions abroad. Often, the laws will be completely different from what you are used to.

It is very likely that the contracts and the title are in a foreign language which makes the process even more difficult and highlights the need to be well advised.

Performing due diligence is a key step in this process. The more you know, the less likely it is that someone will “pull the wool over your eyes”.

If you are going to buy some investment properties abroad it would be very smart to use a property management company and perform the proper research to make sure it is reputable.

You must also consider property taxation and if there are limits or restrictions on the repatriation of capital or profits to not have unpleasant surprises after the purchase or to have problems taking the profits out of the country.

Although investing in land abroad is not an easy task, much due diligence must be done and much care must be taken. It might be one of the best investments you can make to preserve and increase your wealth and that of your family.

Make sure that no matter what happens in the world you will always have access to organic food and water.

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