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Wikileaks secrets – Latest secrets revealed

Freedom Friday comes a few hours early (or if you live in the western world, about a day early) but I had to break this story. I’ll be back on Saturday with Investment Saturday, and a new segment next week I’m very excited to roll out. For now…

Julian Assange granted asylum by the Ecuadorian government

Wikileaks was started by Julian Assange – who is seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The case is ongoing and chances are, you’ve heard of him by now.

The latest update is that Assange is safely holed up in the Ecuador embassy in London, but there is a recent backlash against Assange because of a recent WikiLeaks update. Now the English government has sent a direct threat to the Ecuadorian government.

Says the Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino:

Today we received from the United Kingdom an express threat, in writing, that they might storm our Embassy in London if we don’t hand over Julian Assange, {and} Ecuador rejects in the most emphatic terms the explicit threat of the British official communication.

The multijurisdictional diplomatic riff raff is increasingly complicated but in short…

There are 5 main players.

  • USA: Wants Assange to be tried for espionage and treason
  • Great Britain: Probably indifferent but as allies, they continue to have USA’s back
  • Sweden: Doesn’t seem like they really care, but 2 Swedish citizens are pressing trumped up charges against Assange – so they are obligated to detain and try him should he reach Sweden, and then hand over to the USA
  • Australia: Won’t help out a native Aussie citizen in heaps of trouble
  • Ecuador: Champion of the little guy continues a tradition of helping those who are vulnerable

Right now Assange is stuck in limbo Great Britain is threatening legal recourse against Ecuador, in fact:

The UK Foreign Office warned it could lift the embassy’s diplomatic status to fulfill a “legal obligation” to extradite the 41-year-old by using the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987.


Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino: ”We are not a colony of Britain”

That allows the UK to revoke the diplomatic status of an embassy on UK soil, which would potentially allow police to enter the building to arrest Mr Assange for breaching the terms of his bail. (Source BBC)

The increased heat has most likely come about from the recent outpour of information onto the WikiLeaks website – which is up, down, and out of service routinely. According to other reports, they are sustaining DDOS (directed denial of service) attacks from a powerful agency who doesn’t want the website to stay online.
DDOS attacks are when thousands of computers (or imitations of thousands of computers) are directed at a single target.
Wonder who might have access to such computer firepower…

What did Wikileaks uncover this time around?

# Trapwire.

A trending term on Twitter, Trapwire is “predictive software” that can determine if you are a terrorist just by watching you on camera.

The government is contracting the private sector company Abraxas to link together cameras around “high interest area’s” and the technology supposedly is more sophisticated that facial recognition technology.

What to take from this if you live in the USA.

  • Around selected buildings (we don’t know which ones, or how many) there is a dragnet of cameras that track movement and deem you a terrorist.
  • Americans taxpayers are literally paying to be watched, every movement scrutinized.

Big Brother Is Watching You.

The amount of cameras in developed countries (and around the world) is simply absurd.

It has been said that In London, for example, the average Briton passes under 300 cameras a day.

The number of publicly-owned CCTV and cameras on transport networks is estimated at 1,853,681, or one camera for every 32 UK citizens. (source)

Why Not Just Leave?

Oftentimes a month goes by when I see a police officer, and then, he’s just watching traffic.

There are plenty of relaxing and invigorating places around the world where you won’t be constantly watched by your government. Where you can live free and enjoy a high quality of life.

Not every country is a police state, you have the ability to escape and live well in the playgrounds of the world.

The choice is completely yours. If you wanted to, you really could just leave, and live like a PT in paradise. The things holding you back, are probably just things. Bring the people you care about with you.

I’m only here to inform you that on the other side, the grass really is greener.

All in all, I still have my privacy. What about you?