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Get funding for citizenship by investment with Flag Theory

Getting a second passport is gaining popularity lately due to the myriad benefits it offers. We have already talked about it. From improving visa-free mobility to optimizing your profits, protecting your freedom, increasing your security and privacy, broadening your business horizons and not being at the mercy of bad political decisions, economic collapse or social chaos that may affect your well-being.

Obtaining citizenship by residency is obviously the most affordable way. But you may not be willing to stay 3,5,7,8 … years in the same country. Fulfill long lists of requirements and to undergo endless and exhausting bureaucratic processes. In addition to being at the expense of, through some governmental occurrence, a change in the law that sends all your plans to hell.

Then there are the economic citizenship programs. For obtaining residence or citizenship by investment. As a reminder. These programs grant citizenship or a permanent residence permit to investors, immediately or in a short period of time. Investments may be in real estate, depressed areas risky investments, no-yield treasury bonds or donations to a Government or any of its agencies.

It is certainly the easiest and most comfortable option. You jump through bureaucratic hoops, you pay, you receive your passport, and you can start to save business costs, travel without restrictions and all while sipping your favorite drink watching the sunset over crystal blue waters and white sand beaches

The problem arises when we keep the eye on the required investment amounts. These usually run into six or seven figures. Which can be daunting, to say the least. You must be thinking that you cannot afford it or simply that the opportunity cost is huge enough to not put yourself into it.

Flag Theory has a solution.

We are working with our bank partners around the globe to assist you in getting financing for your second passport. Get a citizenship by investment loan with advantageous conditions and make this lifestyle option very affordable.

Are you interested in getting a citizenship by investment loan? Contact us at [email protected] or fill out this form, to know more details, available countries, financing conditions, and requirements.

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