Asset Protection

Once you realize that your internet business is a real business, and begin to run it as such – you should do some asset protection planning. There are specific advantages to picking and choosing the best places worldwide to undertake each of these activities. International Asset Protection for internet entrepreneurs involves setting up different parts of the business in strategic locations worldwide.

If part, or all, of your business hinges on use of the internet – you can use flag theory to achieve greater profits, more protection, and a more sustainable business model. Flag theory helps you evaluate where parts of our location independent business ‘touch the ground’ and set up flags in strategic locations around the world.

Furthermore, nowadays, with an increasingly litigious society, a judicial system that favors plaintiffs and not defendants, protecting your assets can be a daunting challenge.

Corporations who are subject to product liability beyond insurance coverage limits, medical doctors and lawyers who could be exposed to malpractice lawsuits, contractors and construction companies or any person or company, may be subject to litigation and subsequent asset seizure.

Asset protection is extremely indispensable to deal with adverse situations or simply as a wealth planning tool.