ICO 준비 방법 – 제 4 부 : 토큰 판매 (KYC, 이용 약관 및 마케팅)

ICO 준비 방법 - 제 4 부 : 토큰 판매 (KYC, 이용 약관 및 마케팅) Flag Theory 주간 레터 - 2018년 6월 8일 금요일 지난 주 동안 기본적인 측면들 및 기업 구조를 (ICO) 준비하는 방법을 검토했습니다 . 그

ICO 준비 방법 – 제 2 부 : 법인 구조

ICO 준비 방법 - 제 2 부 : 법인 구조 Flag Theory 주간 레터 - 2018년 6월 1일 금요일 ICO 준비 방법의 첫 번째 장에서 ICO를 시작하기 전에 고려해야 할 기본 사항에 대해 논의했습니다. 지나친

After the Bitcoin’s Fork…

After the Bitcoin's Fork... Well, time for a bit of: "I told you so" On July 25th, I made the recommendation to buy bitcoin ahead of the fork. Today bitcoin topped US$3,300. Cryptochi.com | Live

The ICO train continues unabated and the Bitcoin Fork

The ICO train continues unabated Two topics today, one is on bitcoin and the other on neverending ICO madness. If you go to http://coinmarketcap.com and click on assets you can see the total market cap across different assets.

The Initial Coin Offering Madness continues

The Initial Coin Offering Madness continues The madness in ICO markets continues. As much as I’d like to write about something else, we are on an unprecedented series of events for entrepreneurship and startup financing.

How to do a successful Initial Coin Offering (and not get sued)

how to do a successful initial coin offering
How to do a successful Initial Coin Offering (and not get sued) (UPDATE: We've written a new article on where to set up a company and the proper corporate structure to run an Initial Coin

Go East Young Man

Go East Young Man Hello from Hong Kong, Hong Kong is the epitome of east meets west. HK and Singapore are probably the two most interesting starting points for new fintech companies in Asia. Most

The DAO Hack

dao hack
The DAO Hack YOGYAKARTA - Last month, a decentralized venture capital fund called The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, closed a $160 million funding round. Investors from around the world sent either to a specific

Citizenship by Residency

easiest countries to become a citizen
Complete list of countries to obtain citizenship by naturalization Most countries around the world allow for persons who have lived in-country for a certain period of time to apply for naturalization. It's only human, really,

QE Infinity | Moving Gold Overseas | 1031 Gold Exchange

move gold offshore
How to safely move gold overseas Global economic recession. Euro crisis. PIIGS. Talking heads. Austerity Measures. Bankrupt Governments. Too Big to Fail. Global Currency Crisis. Chinese slowdown. Ben Bernake. Quantitative Easing. Let's talk about Macroeconomics! We
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