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From Flag Theory:

Japan has relaxed permanent residency requirements for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals. To be considered as a highly skilled foreign professional, a foreign citizen working in Japan has to reach 70 points on Ministry’s Immigration Scorecard. Scores are mainly based on professional qualifications, education level and annual salary. Effective since March 2017, Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals may apply for a permanent residency after 3 years of residence. Those scoring over 80 points may apply after just a year. The new measures include investing in Japanese business and holding degrees of highly-qualified institutions, as new ways to get additional points on the immigration scorecard. You can consult how the scorecard system works and self-evaluate at the Immigration Bureau of Japan website.

Changing the subject, Balkans and Eastern Europe countries are becoming increasingly interesting for planting several flags. Good quality of life, affordable cost of living, easy and fast incorporation, liberal immigration policies and low taxes are some of their benefits. Here are some options:

  • Macedonia: One stop shop system to incorporate in 4 hours, corporate and personal income taxes at 10% and no CFC rules.
  • Hungary: Residency through incorporation,  9% corporate tax and 15% personal income tax
  • Georgia: Residency through incorporation, 0% tax on reinvested profits, 15% on profits distribution, foreign-source personal income tax-free and no CFC regulations.
  • Estonia: Incorporation in 20 minutes through the E-Residency card, no tax on retained profits and 20% on dividend distribution.
  • Bulgaria: Corporate and personal income taxed at 10%, residency through incorporation and no CFC rules.
  • Many others (Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro,  Croatia, Armenia…)

You can compare these and other jurisdictions at, which we have recently updated with the latest tax rates and policies.

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Updates to our service:

We now have a partnership with master agents in Vanuatu – which has one of the most compelling citizenship programs in the world.

Vanuatu is a brand new citizenship by investment program that is currently being relaunched. The benefits are that the process is very quick, and application can be processed in less than one month.

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