Flag Theory – Complete Guide

Flag Theory – Complete Guide


Many people view the journey as part of the process, and this book is for those people. If you want to dig through the immigration processes of countries, learn to set-up your company offshore for yourself, set-up international banking and a start building a life internationally.



Our comprehensive book on Flag Theory for the DIY people out there.

Flag Theory is for those with courage enough to pursue freedom. – W.G. Hill

In this 117 page book, we cover the basics of Flag Theory, including:

Flag 1: Citizenship and Residency

Flag 2: Residency Taxation

Flag 3: Offshore Company

Flag 4: Offshore Banking

Flag 5: Physical Assets

Flag 6: Digital Assets

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The Best Way to Internationalize

Flag Theory is the modernized 50 year old method for entrepreneurs who want to find the best countries in the world for freedom, privacy and wealth.

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