Incorporate in Florida (USA)



Florida Company (LLC/Corporation) Formation – USD 600.00 (All Included)

(All Included)

  • Preparing and Filing the Articles of Organization/Incorporation with the Florida Divison of Corporations
  • Providing the filed Articles of Organization/Incorporation, and the Certificate of Status issued by the State of Florida, Department of State
  • Florida Divison of Corporations Registration Fees
  • Providing Registered Office Service, including Service Address
  • Providing Registered Agent Service
  • Drafting Operating Agreement, including unlimited reviews, and producing Membership Certificates, Manager Consent Letters, Register of Members, Register of Officers, First Resolutions of the Members, and Resolutions of the Organizer (LLC) / Drafting Company Bylaws, including unlimited reviews, preparing First Board Resolutions, Directors’ Consent Letter and producing Registers and Shares Certificates (Corporation)
  • Assistance with obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Time to form the company

After receiving the proposed company details from the client, the company is organized/incorporated within 2-3 weeks

US Bank Account Opening Services – USD 1,400.00 (Optional)

  • Tennessee Bank Account – USD 1,400.00 (1 Bank, Remotely)
  • Florida Bank Account – USD 1,400.00 (1 Bank Remotely, 1 Bank In-person)
  • California Bank Account – USD 1,400.00 (1 Bank, Remotely)
  • New York Bank Account – USD 1,400.00 (3 Banks, Remotely)
  • Nevada Bank Account – USD 1,400.00 (1 Bank, Remotely)

Florida Company Annual Fees – USD 450.00 (payable every April)

  • Filing the Annual Return
  • State of Florida Annual Fees
  • Providing Registered Office Service, including Service Address, for one year
  • Providing Registered Agent Service for one year

Additional Services (Optional)

  • Obtaining ITIN for LLC/Corporation Members
  • Sales Tax Registration and Obtaining Resale Certificates
  • Preparing and Filing Federal Tax Returns and Form 5472
  • Accounting Services

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