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Switzerland is an international trade and finance center and one of the freest economies worldwide, with liberal market policies and a low tax regime along with a long tradition of political, economic and financial stability.

Due to its limited area, its lack of natural resources and relatively low population, its economic policy is oriented towards foreign free trade, with low import duties and just a few import quotas, most aimed at the agricultural sector. In addition to having access to a market of 500 million people due to its free trade agreement with the European Union, providing duty-free trade and free movement of capital and labor.

A tier-1 developed infrastructure, an efficient capital market and strong financial system, currency stability, a liberal labor market, an efficient and reliable regulatory environment, a high-skilled and highly productive workforce, have made Switzerland the chosen location for international large firms and SMEs to establish their headquarters in Europe.

Switzerland also has one of the lowest value-added tax rates (8%) and companies trading within the country can get corporate effective tax rates as low as 12.5%, in addition to its free zones and several tax incentives, grants and tax rebates at the canton and communal levels for companies engaging in new technologies, research and development and high-value manufacturing.

Switzerland is also one of the largest financial centers worldwide. Swiss banks offer top-notch corporate banking facilities and a broad range of banking services, investment funds, and insurance services, among others. The Swiss Franc is seen as a safe-haven against currency fluctuations and instability.

All in all, Switzerland is an excellent jurisdiction for global parent companies, IP holding, banking, international trading, and European headquarters.

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In Switzerland, we can form limited liability companies (Société à responsabilité limitée, S.a.r.l. / Società a responsibilità limitata, S.a.r.l.  / Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH) and corporations (Aktiengesellschaft, AG / Société anonyme, S.A. / Società anonima, S.A.). The company may be domiciled in one of the following cities: Zug, Zurich, Geneva, Luzern or Lugano.

Switzerland Company (Sarl/GmbH/AG/SA) Formation – USD 6,500.00 (All Included)

Note that our incorporation and annual fees are all “all-included fees”, and cover all the required services, duties, disbursements, and procedures to incorporate a Swiss company.

  • All Applicable Government and Registration Fees
  • Preparing the Articles of Association of the Company in both Italian/French/German and English
  • Preparing the Incorporation Deed of the Company
  • Preparing and executing the Director’s Acceptance Letter and Declaration
  • Preparing and executing the Statues’ Approval Declaration
  • Executing the Articles of Association and the Incorporation Deed before a Notary Public
  • Preparing Power of Attorney to incorporate the company on behalf of the client
  • Obtaining Notarial Certificate, inclusive of Notary Public Fees
  • Completing and executing the Stampa declaration and Lex-Koller declaration
  • Filing the Articles of Association and Incorporation Deed, and registering the Company with the Commercial Registry
  • Preparing and executing the Company’s Domicile Acceptance Letter
  • Providing Register-stamped Corporate Documents and Certified Excerpt
  • Registering the Company with the Cantonal Tax Office and Federal Tax Administration.
  • Preparing Certified Copies of Corporate Documents
  • Delivery of Original, and Certified Copies via Courier, inclusive of Courier Fees

Time to form the company

It generally takes 2-3 business days to open a capital account for depositing the paid-up capital and preparing the incorporation documents. It takes another 2-3 days for arranging an appointment with a notary public, subject to availability. After holding the incorporation meeting with the notary public, the incorporation deed and articles will be filed with the Commercial Register. It may take 7 to 10 business days for the Commercial Register to release the stamped documents, and deploy the company information in the Commercial Register. Note that the client does not need to be physically present in Switzerland during the incorporation process.

Local Director Services (Annual Fees)

Swiss companies are required to appoint at least one director who is a resident in Switzerland.

Our Local Director Services includes the appointment of one or two Swiss resident directors to act as nominee director(s) of the Company, in order to comply with statutory requirements, as well as any ongoing assignment such as the execution of board resolutions.

  • One Local Director / Managing Officer – USD 6,000.00 per annum
  • Two Local Directors – USD 10,500.00 per annum*

Registered Office Services (Annual Fees)

Swiss companies are required to have a registered office in Switzerland. We offer the following options to comply with statutory requirements:

  • P.O. Box address – USD 2,200.00 per annum
  • Full Office address (Flexi-desk) – USD 5,800.00 per annum (includes a lease agreement, meeting room access, and Swiss phone number)

Note that for Swiss companies domiciled in Lugano the full address service is not available.

Swiss Bank Account Opening Services (Capital and Current Account) – USD 1,500.00 (Remotely)

To incorporate a company in Switzerland, a capital account must be opened first to deposit the paid-up capital required:

  • AG – 20% of the subscribed capital (min. statutory capital of CHF 100,000) or CHF 50,000.00, whichever is greater
  • GmbH – 20% of the subscribed capital (min statutory capital of CHF 20,000) or CHF 20,000.00, whichever is greater

We can open capital accounts and current accounts in Swiss banks (UBS, Credit Suisse, Postfinance, CIM Banque, among others. Bank account applications may be carried out remotely or via Power of Attorney, without needing to travel to Switzerland.

We assist you in opening a bank account in Switzerland.

  • Switzerland Bank Account - USD $ 1,500.00
    Switzerland Bank Account
    Min Deposit
    Maerki Baumann
    CHF 500,000
    CIM Banque
    USD 10,000
    Companies must have a business presence in the country where they are incorporated or tax resident in the form of offices and/or employees.
    CHF 5,000
    Companies must have an expected turnover of at least CHF 3,000,000.
    CHF 3,000,000
    Deposit must be maintained in crypto assets held through the bank's custody services. Minimum Average Balance for high risk jurisdictions should be 1-2Mio CHF.
    Credit Suisse
    CHF 1,000,000
    Credit Suisse
    CHF 20,000
    SEBA Bank
    CHF 500,000
    SEBA Bank does not open accounts with a pure transactional business nexus.

    Accounting and Tax Services – USD 2,500 per annum (Maximum 300 transactions per year, Annual Fees, Optional)

    • Setting up the Company General Ledger and providing Book-keeping services
    • AHV Registration
    • SUVA Registration
    • VAT Registration
    • Preparing and submitting periodic VAT Declarations
    • Preparing and filing Annual Financial Statements
    • Preparing and filing Federal and Cantonal Tax Declarations

    Other Services (Optional)

    • Corporate Administration and Secretarial Services (On-demand)
    • Payroll Services and Tax at Source Declarations (Withholding taxes)
    • Overseas Bank Account Opening Services
    • Employment Permits for EEA and non-EEA directors and managing officers
    • SRO Membership for Financial Intermediaries

    Please, contact us for further information.

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