Open EMI Account in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is an emerging business destination in Central Asia, offering a strategic crossroads for trade between Europe and Asia. The country boasts abundant natural resources, with a thriving energy and mining sector. It has made significant progress in improving its business climate, with a focus on attracting foreign investment through initiatives and special economic zones. Kazakhstan’s large, educated workforce and access to the Eurasian Economic Union market make it an attractive option for companies seeking regional expansion. Its evolving infrastructure and economic diversification efforts add to the nation’s business appeal.

We can help you open EMI accounts in Kazakhstan. Accounts are available for individuals.
We work with 1 different EMI in Kazakhstan. Each EMI has different eligibility requirements, types of accounts available and onboarding processes. We invite you to carefully review each EMI requirements and services below to better understand if their services meet your needs:

Our banking/EMI support service is not just a mere introduction to the bank. We assist you in filling out the business questionnaires appropriately and help you understand and provide business details, commercial information and purpose/use of the bank account that a given bank wants to know in order to approve your account application. Banks want certainty and clarity on how the account will be used. Everything must be watertight. We will work with you to make sure there is minimal 'back and forth' and a smooth account opening process.

Collect & Pay
Account Details
Eligibility Offshore Companies, Onshore Companies, Local Companies
Min Deposit Depending on category.
Currencies Multicurrency
Cards No
Remote Yes
Off-shore non-resident Yes
Other Services Transactional Banking


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