VIP bank account opening support services

VIP bank account opening support services


We believe banking introductions are an integral part of and international strategy, whether business or personal. We don’t charge per introduction, rather we believe choice and competition in banking options is necessary. Our banking services include a consultation on your needs and introductions to the banks that will best service your requirements. We have over 150 global banks in our partner network, so we can be sure to find the right one. Our banking service includes introductions to payment processors as well, to better support our e-commerce clients.

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We are happy to do bank introductions for you. We have a service specifically tailored to your needs: VIP bank account opening support services. As a stand-alone service, we charge US$500 for this. Unlike other services though, we will introduce you to as many banks as required to get your account.
Service details:
Applying for Your Bank Accounts:
Incorporations.IO maintains close working relationship within our extensive network of partner banks to help you apply for and receive banking services that are most appropriate to your specific situation. From the time of verification of incorporation it can take (1) one week to (2) two weeks to apply for and receive a bank account. We work primarily with banks that allow for remotely opened accounts to ensure you are ready to do business as soon as possible.
Applying for Payment Processing:
We include introductions to payment processors or merchant accounts with all of our incorporation services. Whether you just need standard credit card processing or specialized services for high risk processing, we have partners that can assist you and are happy to help you with introductions that can empower your business.


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