VIP Custom Report and Action Plan

VIP Custom Report and Action Plan

$10,000.00 $7,500.00

An advanced report for clients with complex international structuring requirements, residency options and in-depth tax considerations found in large scale global corporate structuring. Includes 60 minute initial consultation, 30 minute follow-up call and full 60 minute Q&A after report is completed and delivered. On-going service and support available. 1/3 of the report cost can be applied to implementation of services with our firm.

Highly integrated solutions perfect for

  • American clients
  • Multinational company structuring
Pay a deposit of $1,000.00 per item
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Based on some of the unique complexities and number of options available to your specific situation, a full work-up and report is the best course of action to ensure you have the optimal strategy to implement now, and grow with over the course of time.

The report process loosely follows this format: 1) Initial consulting call where we go over the requirements again, set the scope of the work, any special circumstances, 2) report build-out based requirements by our team, likely short follow-up calls/chats for clarification on any points, research of tax treaties and other beneficial/exploitable agreements between countries and finally 3) report delivery and presentation call with Q&A.

If one of the solutions meets your expectations, up to 1/3 of the report cost can applied to the implementation of the solution, which we can do in house and via our extensive network of global partners. We can manage the implementation of the entire structure for you, so you have a complete turn-key solution rather than a bunch of pieces to try and put together on your own. If not, we head back to the drawing board to find more.


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