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Internationalization & Offshore Solutions

Flag Theory is the one stop shop that takes you through each internationalization strategy and implements them for you


ICO Legal Structuring, Banking, Token Economics & Advisory

Flag Theory is here to help you launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We assemble teams to help with all of the legal, tax, compliance, banking, marketing and token structure matters, to ensure the greatest protection, liability limitation, tax optimization, cost-effective marketing, a feasible token economy and a smooth and hassle-free post-ICO business operations including opening bank accounts and converting your cryptocurrency to fiat.

We are experienced in blockchain & cryptocurrencies and understand the legal & business workings that underpin an ICO. We here at Flag Theory have worked with dozens of ICOs, in fact, members of the Flag Theory team conducted a successful ICO reaching a US$22M hard cap in just a few minutes.

This experience has given us a unique approach when it comes to ICOs, since unlike other service providers we know first-hand what works and the issues and setbacks that arise when structuring and conducting Token Sales.

We provide you the tools and expertise to structure your ICO, so you have a complete turn-key solution rather than a bunch of pieces to try and put together on your own.


Cryptocurrency Business Structuring & Banking

Whether you are launching an exchange, a cryptocurrency fund, a Bitcoin mining company, or simply accepting cryptocurrencies as payment method, at Flag Theory, we assemble teams to help with all of the legal, tax, compliance and banking issues you need to be aware of for both your company and its officers.

We provide corporate structuring solutions to cryptocurrency businesses. Based on some of the unique complexities and number of options available to your specific business and personal situation and circumstances, we will design and implement a sound corporate structure, comparing and selecting the most suitable jurisdictions to establish your venture.

From setting up your corporate structure, licensing, bank account opening to assistance in the development of data protection policies, T & C’s, compliance, we’ve got you covered.


Internationalization Consulting

We design and implement holistic internationalization strategy plans tailored to your circumstances, needs and goals to legally reduce your tax bill, minimize risks, protect your privacy and wealth, and find attractive immigration and investment opportunities globally.

Together with our global network of experienced lawyers, accountants, advisors and bankers, we build an integral approach action framework, identifying solutions with an international perspective to categorical concerns related to:

  • Personal Residency and Citizenship
  • Personal and Corporate Tax Residency
  • International Incorporation & Corporate structuring
  • Asset Protection
  • International Banking & Merchant Processing
  • International Investments and Precious Metals
  • Digital Security, Online Privacy and Secured Communications
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Businesses and ICOs

Onshore & Offshore Company Incorporation

Many businesses, from small digital nomads to major multinational corporations operate at least partly through Offshore Companies, and you too can easily and affordably plant a flag outside your own country. Setting up a company is inexpensive (oftentimes costs less than $1000) and depending on your unique circumstances, this entity can be used to establish privacy, limit liability, attract outside funding, comply with local laws, establish a residency and many other benefits.

Whether you are sourcing physical goods from Shenzhen, coding in Berlin, setting up niche sites in Cebu, or writing copy in Medellin, you can use our tools to find out the best place where you should incorporate.

We provide incorporation and ongoing compliance services in more than 50 jurisdictions worldwide.We handle all the foundational legal aspects, and empower you on concentrating on what you do best: grow your business.
Incorporations.IO - Incorporate your company
Incorporate a company

Incorporations.IO is a marketplace to buy corporate services. It’s a free matrix comparison tool to explore options to find the jurisdiction that best suits your business, circumstances, needs and goals. 


Onshore & Offshore Bank Accounts

We believe banking introductions are an integral part of and international strategy, whether business or personal. We don’t charge per introduction, rather we believe choice and competition in banking options is necessary. Our banking services include a consultation on your needs and introductions to the banks that will best service your requirements.

We have a network of over 150 global banks, so we can be sure to find the right one. Our banking service includes introductions to payment processors as well, to better support our e-commerce clients.

Bankaccounts.io - Open an offshore bank account
Open an offshore bank account

Bankaccounts.IO is a platform to compare offshore and onshore bank account options. We facilitate and speed up corporate, personal, investment and merchant account opening procedure for our clients.


Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship is an extremely polarizing subject. Many people incorrectly think that a 2nd passport is illegal. This is a myth. Incomplete knowledge and nationalistic indoctrination has perpetuated a stigma that somehow obtaining a 2nd Passport is “grey”, or outright illegal activity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

2nd Passports can be utilized for international business and travel, opening new doors to opportunity and providing a safe fallback option in the event of a catastrophic failure.

We provide detailed reports and consulting to find the second passport option that best suits your needs and goals. We cover all CBI programs available worldwide and provide attractive financing options to make this lifestyle cost-effective.

We will guide you through each step of the process to ensure that it is as fast, efficient and pain free as possible, and your application is successfully approved.

Passports.IO - Citizenship by Investment

The Passports.IO marketplace is designed to bring together the world’s foremost citizenship by investment opportunities and allow you to compare them side by side.

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Immigration by Investment & Entrepreneurship

Where you are a citizen, where you are a tax resident and where you actually live, work and play can easily all be a different place, a different country or even a different hemisphere.

We live in a world where if you are a skilled entrepreneur, an investor or you have an independent source of income, countries are literally competing to offer you residency.

By utilizing global arbitrage of opportunity it is possible to optimize every part of your life.

Obtaining a second residency you make sure that if things go wrong, you have a place to go and call home. Doing that you may also legally reduce your tax liability.

We cover more than 100 immigration by investment and entrepreneurship programs worldwide through our global network of local law firms. We will also help you navigate worldwide requirements of tax residency.

Whether you are looking for residency to start your new venture, to reduce your tax liability, to secure your retirement haven or to find high-yield investment opportunities, we will handle all paperwork, and guide you through each step of the process to ensure that it is as fast, efficient and pain free as possible.

Residencies.IO - Immigrate and get tax residency
Immigration by investment & Tax residency

Residencies.IO is the essential resource to navigate through the most attractive residence opportunities worldwide. You can browse by countries, benefits, costs, requirements, procedures and taxes, and find detailed reports of more than 100 programs.


Asset Protection

Nowadays, with an increasingly litigious society, a judicial system that favors plaintiffs and not defendants, with courts clogged with thousands of civil suits demanding huge sums, and increased asset seizure by governments, protecting your assets can be a daunting challenge.

Furthermore, if you run an internet business, you should do some asset protection planning. There are specific advantages to picking and choosing the best places worldwide to undertake each of these activities. International Asset Protection for internet entrepreneurs involves setting up different parts of the business in strategic locations worldwide.

We provide LLCs, trusts and foundations and access to our global network of top-notch legal advisors to protect your assets and wealth from being used for a purpose other than what you had in mind for them.

Incorporations.IO - Incorporate your company
Incorporate a company

At Incorporations.IO, you will soon be able to explore and compare the most powerful tools to protect your assets. You will be able to compare Trusts, Foundations and LLC, and access detailed reports on the advantages and disadvantages of each structure and the legal and tax aspects to be taken into account.