Second Citizenship

A second citizenship allows to facilitate international travel, avoid dependence and oppression, whether economic or otherwise, from a single government, and to unlock the advantages of certain business-friendly locations.

A 2nd passport is the 1st flag of flag theory because it decreases our reliance on any one government. We begin our journey as a sovereign individual when we are able to live outside the borders of one specific country, now this doesn’t require a 2nd passport- but it does help.

Here are some common reasons why it makes sense to have multiple official travel documents.

  • Ability to travel visa free
  • Worse case scenario insurance

Finally – if you are America, an alternative citizenship gives you the right (but not the obligation) to renounce your American citizenship and finally eliminate your worldwide tax obligation. Unless you have a second passport, this is impossible. You are fully in the clutches of one government, and beholden to their oft reckless and negligent international relations.

The US government for instance, instituted a law starting in 2016 that allows the IRS to make a request to the state department to cancel the passport of American citizens traveling abroad. You can read more about how passports can be cancelled by the IRS here.

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