Onshore & Offshore Banking

Why both businesses and individuals should consider offshore banking:

  • Currency risk
  • Sovereign risk
  • Asset seizure
  • Protect your savings
  • Diversify investments
  • Different investing opportunities
  • Ease of money transfer
  • Merchant Accounts

There are many reasons why an offshore bank account could be beneficial, not the least of which is to decrease your sovereign risk. The country where you live now could look dramatically different or fall apart, the government could institute exchange controls, meaning money cannot flow freely. Ask any Argentinian about the currency in their country and you’ll hear all about so called capital controls.

Protect your savings depositing them in safe offshore banks with prudent and responsible investment and lending policies, high solvency and liquidity levels, in financially healthy jurisdictions. Make sure that your savings are safe and available for when you need them.

Learn why and how to open an offshore bank account to place your savings in sound banks in safe jurisdictions worldwide and gain access to merchant accounts.

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