Onshore & Offshore Incorporation

This century will be one of the global entrepreneur. Those who are able to leverage technology, currency arbitrage and internationalization to compete with wasteful corporations can potentially amass great wealth.

As a quick overview, here are some benefits of offshore companies:

  • Ability to open a corporate bank account
  • No taxes at a corporate level
  • Privacy (for both directors and shareholders)
  • Strong asset protection
  • Professional appearance
  • Debts, assets, licenses, contracts can be made or held by the legal entity
  • Liability is limited, and you distanced from the actions of your business
  • Banking/investment opportunities otherwise not available
  • Planting a flag in a strategic jurisdiction
  • Mitigation of sovereign risk
  • Protection from bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce, civil unrest, and other ‘worst case scenarios
  • Access to higher risk merchant accounts
  • Access to funding or investment capital

It should be obvious that there are tremendous advantages for entrepreneurs who have incorporated, either an onshore or offshore company.

Incorporation and passports is our business, and every day we are on the phone with:

  1. Entrepreneurs who need incorporate a company, 2nd passport, or offshore bank account
  2. Service providers across the globe who provide me with a wholesale discount
  3. Lawyers, accountants, agents and bankers with boots on the ground information

You can also use our jurisdiction comparison tool to find out where you should incorporate: incorporations.io.