Puerto Rico’s Act 20 amendment

Puerto Rico's Act 20 amendment We talked about how living abroad and claiming for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, you can earn $102,100 foreign-US source income tax-free (and up to $250,000 filing jointly with your

After the Bitcoin’s Fork…

After the Bitcoin's Fork... Well, time for a bit of: "I told you so" On July 25th, I made the recommendation to buy bitcoin ahead of the fork. Today bitcoin topped US$3,300. Cryptochi.com | Live

The ICO train continues unabated and the Bitcoin Fork

The ICO train continues unabated Two topics today, one is on bitcoin and the other on neverending ICO madness. If you go to http://coinmarketcap.com and click on assets you can see the total market cap across different assets.

Ride the wave on Japan’s new favorite trade…

japan bitcoin
Ride the wave on Japan's new favorite trade... Japan is (still) heading in the wrong direction financially [and putting their money into bitcoin]. A few months ago I posted my shock that the overnight rate

The Initial Coin Offering Madness continues

The Initial Coin Offering Madness continues The madness in ICO markets continues. As much as I’d like to write about something else, we are on an unprecedented series of events for entrepreneurship and startup financing.

Go East Young Man

Go East Young Man Hello from Hong Kong, Hong Kong is the epitome of east meets west. HK and Singapore are probably the two most interesting starting points for new fintech companies in Asia. Most