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Weekly residency webinar

uruguay-world-visa-travelThe Webinar is currently on-hold while we restructure.
Mike Snyder, Sr. Internationalization Consultant, hosts 2 weekly webinars in which he discusses international residency and passport options available throughout the world via Passports.IO. Mike has extensive experience assisting clients in internationalizing their lives, business and financial services.

We primarily cover investment, entrepreneur and business visas that can be leveraged to new citizenship opportunities. This webinar will focus on the best residency and citizenship options available to emerging market citizens to have access to more opportunity, secure banking services outside their home country for better money transfer access, better travel documents and living conditions.These presentations are generally 1 hour long and cover a number of options available globally and Mike will answer selected questions from attendees.


Tuesdays at 8am Dubai (UAE) Time
Thursdays at 7pm Dubai (UAE) Time



There are only 7 client slots available for each time, so space is on a first come, first served basis.

If no one joins the call within the first 10 minutes, it will be canceled and we ask that you join the next available one.

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